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I have a relatively minor suggestion, but one that would make things a little better I think.


When a new window appears, such as your WZ queueing window pops up, it goes on top of the current windows. Currently, you cannot click the older window to bring it to the front. So you are faced with leaving your place in the queue if you wanted to complete something, or just going into the WZ and starting over after you are done. This is most noticeable at the market.


The second suggestion I have for popup windows is that they pop up on top of windows instead of closing a window in order to take their space. Once again this is most noticeable at the market. if I'm doing my little thing of comparing various items to items I own to see what I want to buy, one of my companions might come back from a mission, and it closes one of the windows I was using to compare. So now, I have to open whatever window it closed, find my place again, and start over.


These are not really big deals really, but I just thought I would give my 2cents... maybe 1 1/2 cents worth. I think it would be a minor but appreciated enhancement, at least on my part.

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