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The Visual Part


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Hello Bioware and everyone.

I have been playing since the release of this game, and ive really come to love it, but i hear alot of people complaining about one thing.

Republic vs Empire.

You see if you look at the visual part of spells and skills, the empire looks to have much more powerful spells then republic!

Let me demonstrate:

Telekenetic Throw vs Force Lightning

Basicaly here you have Telekenetic Throw which is small rocks being thrown at an enemy and does not look very powerful. Where you in difference have Force Lightning which is pure lightning coming out of the hand of the casters and looks very powerful. If you compare these the lightning looks much stronger!

Same with the Sith Assassin and Jedi Shadow.

You have Force Technique VS Lightning Charge.

You cannot see Force Technique meaning its not a visual threat to anyone, you dont go "damn look at that!

But Lightning Charge is very clear as lightning on the assassins lightsaber!

Alot people think this should be changed so sith arent infavored, also it would make new players think "oh well empire is much stronger i choose them!

it would balance things out.

Make Force Technique very clear and call is Force Saber, and make the lightsaber burst out with Force energy at all time making it look like it packs alot of power!:)

Make Telekenetic Throw be pure Telenetic and force power being pushed out of the casters hand hitting the target with so much energy!


Really hoping you would consider this, and maybe at some time soon make the visual part more balance!


Thank you for reading this!=)

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I disagree, the darkside of the force have always looked more powerfull then the light side(strange how the dark side always lose huh :o), this is one of the many temptations jedi fall too, "power of the dark side".
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