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Facton Imbalance


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Why not offer a significant boost to xp/legacy gain on server factions that are at low populations? Incentive towards balance is always a good thing.


This, coupled with the inevitable ability to server transfer, could go a long way towards helping out low pop factions.


A 20% xp/legacy gain sounds like a large enough carrot on a stick.

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Or could make republic light armor that doesnt look like a mid 1800's school marm trying to be fasionable. Low blow? sorry :(


I don't think bonuses for low pop is gonna help enough or even be a good thing to do. Besides the likely issues the way storylines/faction change/i dunno might cause problems. I expect whats more likely to happen is people roll, grab any temp bonus they can wring out, and transfer/change back to whereever they wanted to be in the first place.


As far as story, its just easier to be a good badguy then a bad goodguy. Especially when alot of the choices for republic side are :


1- Save everyone!

2- Wheres my money?

3- Attack!


I mean really? As much as i like being republic, those choices are not engaging to me. now...



1- Save the village but the sith with info on a enemy weapon escapes.

2- Capture the sith and steal the info, thus stopping him from any other evil-doing

3- Allow him to continue on, following him to find all the other bad guys meanwhile the villageers die and other evil acts are commited


Thats sounds like a much more interesting set of questions. Granted theres a few branches i looked at for a moment or two, but it seemed like i was more choosing what my bonus mission would be then what my moral choice really was.


And in the end, whatever choice i made was glossed over for the next class quest, cause even if i just killed folks outright, i was still sent to more people by my jedi council/general/whomever to have more and more opportunities to...kill?


Not too compelling, not too fun, and the aestetics, not too cool.


Its fun to be bad some times, so in order to fill out a goodie goodie side, it needs to be a really fricking cool looking good side with compelling moral choices that aren't save, cash in or kill, with actual storyline consequences to those choices.


My 2 credits.

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