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Lowering grenade damage on NPCs


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Basically, I feel that NPCs who use grenades deal far too much damage with them. On my sniper, whenever a grenade gets thrown at me, it deals roughly 1/4 of my hp in damage. If Im at full health, no problem. When Im fighting an elite and about to win only to have them pull a 'nade out of their *** and drop me, it becomes an issue.


Ive noticed most of the NPCs who carry grenades are melee classes. I can understand wanting them to have some kind of ranged damage, but the amount they deal is ridiculous. For example, as a Sniper, when a melee mob runs up to me, I use cover pulse to push them back; that's just an instinct for any ranged class. Problem is, since grenades do so much damage, its actually better for me to just have the NPC wail on me in melee. This changes the playstyle of my class and can be frustrating when I just hit cover pulse out of habit just to lose 3k health for doing so.


Even more frustrating was fighting an elite Jedi Sage NPC who stayed at range to cast force powers...but could also throw grenades and drop 1/4 of my hp each time. If the grenades are going to do this kind of damage they really need to have a cast timer so the player has a chance to interrupt it, or just lower the damage.

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