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Bioware's TOR vs ME3 launch


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This thread is not about how smooth it is, but how much communication there is between the community and the developers.

In my opinion there's a huge gap. It's the same company, but different teams, and you can feel it.



For example - try and follow TOR's facebook, and then go to Mass Effect facebook page. You'll see a huge difference.

I know every decision in a MMO is very important and very hard, but it just feels... I don't know, kinda weird.


There's no Dev activity on these forums, not enough anyway. I can't ask for too much, but I'd love it if I didn't have to follow Twitter to know what's on. We don't know what's coming, we don't know what's going on quite often. Legacy system, for example - should we wait with making alts? Simplest questions.


I am just asking for a bit more communication, like the time when Georg posted a great thread about Responsiveness. We knew you were aware, I was very happy that you spent time to tell us what you're up to and what is the problem. I hope there will be more of these, so the forums and the game feels more alive, expanding, happy.

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