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Starships and Space Missions


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In terms of character customization experience, SW:TOR exceeds everywhere except with the starships, and I refer to that in terms of the fact that everybody's ship looks the same, inside and out. Just suggesting that there should be some different ship hull skins, as well as different designs/color schemes for the interiors. I love the layout of the bounty hunter starship, the D-5 Mantis, but I don't dig on the bright yellow interior.


As for space missions, I would like to see a cleaner distinction for missiles vs. proton torpedoes at high end. Many times I am simply trying to lock up targets for my missiles to shoot at when I accidentally mouse over something that the torpedoes want to shoot at, and it screws everything up. I would just like maybe a fifth (and possibly sixth) button the bar. We already have power to weapons, power to shields, immunity and the emp burst. Button five and button six could be switch to missiles, switch to torpedoes.

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