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Illum and "World" PVP


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When I first heard about this game I was very excitied for this release this seemed like a MMO that had a real chance to be a major player to do well in this mmo gaming era. And through beta testing and leveling was pretty happy for the most part. Questing story lines were very thought out fun to do and made you want to do toons of both light and dark side to see what kind of rewards or benefits you would get. But as leveling went on playing on a pvp server there was something lacking WORLD pvp all the planets were designed to have republic questing on one half of the planet while imperial was questing on the other half. ON alot of these planets you can't even get to the other side where one faction quests. This is fine to do for say the first 20-30 level's however if you goint to have "world" pvp this game should have had the two factions questing in the same area's where getting attacked by the opposite faction is a real chance. So SWTOR truly missed out on that aspect.


However SWTOR did have another chance to redeem the world PVP aspect of this game in ILLUM however the game failed to deliver again. This game should have had daily quests to do on the NONE battle side where both factions need to do the same quests so you can have some true pvp going on while those kills would also count towards the daily and weekly kill and armament quests. But sadly SWTOR did not do this, so the only world pvp you truly have is the battle for illum which is nothing more then a zerg festival you follow 15-30 people around and you hope you do dmg to the player before he dies so you can get your mark. How is that supposed to be fun? Even all the pvp there truly is no point to get it because there is no world pvp. Sure you can get all your battlemaster gear and be tough to kill in a warzone but what's the point of that once you have all that gear unless you want to gear out a companion there's no point. And the main point of gearing out a toon on a pvp server is so when your leveling your alt's and your getting camped you can log your geared toon on and seek your revenge.


I am truly disappointed in this game and I really hope SWTOR takes a serious look at these issue's and does some major things to fix these isssue's fast because as much as I love playing this game which I truly do. All I do is play alt's because it's much more fun to level then actually do endgame pvp. Which is a first for me every other game I have played I have hated the leveling process and simply just wanted to get to end game.

I know I am not alone in how I feel I have talked with lots and lots of players and alot of them feel the same way. So I hope some things chance otherwise I guess it will be the end of my star wars career which would be ending much sooner then I ever thought.

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