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Knight Ending: Slight Disappointment


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I feel I can only put this in the Spoiler forum because I'll be talking about the ending of Jedi Knight story arc (Light IV).


I just completed the Doomsday mission last night right after completing the Corellia planet arc. I sat there after the mission faded to black while on the starship Vigilant where you get your "group photo" with all the companions and Grandmaster....


And my first thought was..."oh. um. ok. I guess that's it"


1. The final battle

Truly not epic enough. This is, as far as the player is concerned at the time, the Emperor. The one and only. Sure, he's "weakened"...but still. I died once. He one-shot me with is uber-attack. I learned. I threw interrupt into any attack I didn't immediately recognize. Popped Saber Ward once and a Med Pack just to be safe. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. All his little shadows? Barely ticking away my health. I was expecting a dramatic knockdown with a companion pop-in to save my butt. I was expecting the skies to fall and a need to take this guy on as a group (companions jumping in). I was honestly expecting "Champion" level difficulty...but was hit with a pretty standard Elite. World mob elites were harder than this guy. Is the Emperor truly dead? Yeah right. :rolleyes: Especially after getting back onto my ship and having Kira give me the new Companion mission. He either body doubled or is gonna pull an Exar Kun. Cool. Whatever. But at least make the fight FEEL like an Emperor battle. If for anything else other then to continue with the illusion that, "hey...that guy HAD to be the Emperor! He freaking ROCKED me and I/we barely beat him/made it out alive"


2. The actual ending

I got more enjoyment out of beating the final Corellia mission then I did out of beating the Emperor. I felt like I accomplished something and was part of something grand. Maybe because I had completed Corellia and the Emperor in the same night I didn't get that "epic" sense from beating the Emperor? I don't know. It just felt...ok. And what...no scrolling Credits?? I just beat the first Episode (Ep I - Return of the Sith. bwahahahah!). The screen fades to black....and no dramatic music, no credits, no sense that this episode was indeed over. Just...back in the ship, running to my next contact for some Illum mission with some other Darths to stop.

I would've loved a little: Ok, here's your obligatory ending group shot, now we fade to black, now we pop dramatic music with some brief end credits, now we fade to black once more, now we throw in a teaser of whats to come or a cliffhanger like "OMG! Was that the emperors voice just now saying 'Begin the attack on Illum...' (or something dramatic)", then maybe show me a little of the galactic status showing the fact that the war is indeed far from over. Finally...maybe end with a group walk to my ship as we prepare to valiantly fight for the freedom and peace of the Republic once more.

But no.


So in short. The ending just didn't FEEL like epic Star Wars. The final battle. The ending. All just very...ok. Not great. Definitely not Epic. Just...ok.

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