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Choice-based mission system


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Reposting from a thread on "solo/compaion flashpoints" because what I am suggesting is actually more than "just that" as you will see if you read the below...




I heartily agree with the idea that single-player or player +companion (singular) missions/flashpoints would be an EXCELLENT way to ensure both longevity, interest, and playability overall.


In separate feedback to Bioware (the recent survey received by email), I specifically mention this as something that I have longed for in MMOs and only seen "done well" in one - Anarchy Online (mind you, I'm not a big fan of that game, but it did have its moments).


A customizable mission system where the player can CHOOSE the following options/preferences and receive a generated instance that meets them would be STELLAR... GALACTIC... EPIC:


1) Party size (1 - 4)


2) Reward preference (credits, gear, schematics, materials, social points, light/dark points, etc)


3) Mission focus (diplomacy, fighting, evasion, kill count, courier, timer, etc)


4) Mission length/duration (short, medium, long, OH-MY-GOD-EPIC-QUEST)


5) Exposition/story preference (light, medium, heavy, etc)


6) Mob preference (humanoid, droid, beast, jedi, sith, etc)


One could layer entire systems of both "sinks" and "sieves" onto this, as well as leader boards, status/rewards, and even linear/gateway progression to things like expansions.


One could additionally set codex achievements and unlocks for either/or titles, legacy benefits, and expansion content access here, too.


Also, this would provide the means by which content extension, reuse, and expansion could proceed upon an all but infinite path; it also paves the way for monetized content access (should you choose this) a la the lesser implementations as done by Sony OR the revenue generating add-ons as recently attested to by Turbine with LoTRO (a 500% revenue increase is nothing to sneeze at, folks).


But, most importantly, this would offer your players (as well as your groups, should you so choose) alternatives to the static content paths in addition to granting players CHOICE.... choice is never bad.


Note: On the matter of "solo flashpoints" or "companion-based raids", etc.... I am not necessarily saying we should or should not be able to "raid with companions" or even "run missions with equivalent drops"... simply that there are many people (myself among the number) who simply will never have several hours at the time to devote to things like high end raiding. That said, it is unreasonable to say that there should never be a means of providing for folk like me to enjoy and achieve because I cannot devote the "time" when, obviously, I am devoting that monthly subscription (and am just as prone to choosing not to do so for lack of options that suit me).


This particular theme (i.e., if you can't spend the time, you should never be able to get the same rewards as those who do) is kind of a "diminishing returns" situation for publishers and game developers; primarily because (frankly) avid gamers tend to run out of time over time and the pipeline of new players (barring advents like WoW appearing which, you must admit, was a gigantic boost to the life of the MMO as a genre, regardless personal opinions of it otherwise) is, itself, a diminishing thing over time. (Upshot: Gamers start young, grow up, get families, jobs, go to college, enter the military, etc... and their play time goes down.)


It is, I think, wise for a company to consider ways to encourage "even" solo play in this genre and there are ways for this to happen that do not automatically result in degradation of those who have the commodity of time to spare/spend.


Mind you, I've gone from being someone who could easily spend 25+ hours a week gaming to someone who frequently has <10 hours a week to spare, so I see both sides of the coin (and think it would be nice if this were more than a wistful wish of possibility).


Mileage may vary, of course; this is just my perspective and there are many others.


My $0.02 worth... for whatever it's worth.

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Fully support this, as you pointed out it is not a new concept and from the 3 threads created (mine inc) there have been nearly 40 pages of players who support this concept.


But for me BW will need to make a decision soon, I will sub 1 more month after that I walk away and wont look back even if introduced at a later date.


I do prefer being able to solo with 3 companions, we have 6 of them and i'm bitterly dissapointed we only ever get to utilise 1 at a time.

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Thanks. Though to be precise, I'm not just talking about solo content as much as viable tracks for content that both support solo play as well as provide extensive options for customizing/choosing content and outcomes for group play. :)
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