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SW and SI stories


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Sith Warrior



You are rushed to Korriban to begin training earlyand end up apprenticed to a poweful Sith Lord, named Darth Baras. You spend the first act chasing down a jedi padawan who is a threat to your master's spy network. In act 2 you're sent to take out key Republic leaders inorder to restart the war. In act 3 you are betrayed by your master and become the Emperor's personal enforcer. It is revealed that the emperor wants wants Darth Baras dead because he is trying to take control of the empire. You spend this act taking apart your master's power base and eventually kill your Baras.



Sith Inquisitor



You start out as a slave who is sent to Korriban to see if you're able to become a Sith. Your oversear tries to set you up for failure, but in the end you succeed. In act 1 you are sent looking for artifacts that you master wants, so that she can take over your body. In act 2 you're absorbimg gohst so that you will be able to defeat a sith lord that wants you dead, since you killed your master. In act 3 you get sick from consuming to many gohsts and are looking for a cure. This story ends with you becoming a dark council member.


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