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figured out why the game runs terrible with lots of people(Texture atlas)


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So this all ties in with Biowares High res texture explanation regarding the texture atlas.


So you are in Ilum or in the fleet and Chug Chug Chug your FPS drops and stutters.


Well I think i know why this is happening and why the Chug happens. This all ties to what bioware said that their system only uses high res textures in cinematics and NOT ingame.




the game is constantly switching from high resolution textures to low resolution textures on player models (not environment)


Zoom in all the way and look at a player model, now move a few steps. you will see the player model switch from low res to high res.


I've been doing this all over the fleet and it happens pretty consistently. I guess the reason why it chugs is because the game is trying to switch texture resolutions on all players back and forth whenever you move.


This happens on ilum as well


Test it for yourselves


Please note it will only do this for a little bit then it will stop. You have to go like 500 yards away and come back to where you were for it to start the low to high res cycle

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