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Melee DPS hurt Operations effectiveness

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So we've been casually raiding for a few weeks. Last week was our first attempts at hard modes, which we cleared 4/5 EV and 1/5 KP. This week we were going to focus on Karagga's Palace. Our typical group make up is:


Guardian Tank

Shadow Tank

Sage Healer

Commando Healer

Commando DPS

Commando DPS

Gunslinger DPS

Scoundrel DPS


This week our Guardian Tank and Sage Healer were unavailable, but we were able to pick up a geared Guardian Tank and Commando DPS. So I respecced my Scoundrel to heal.


We flattened the place. Everything died noticeably faster than it ever had before. Healing was more manageable than it ever was before despite trading a better geared Sage for myself.


And now that I'm looking back on it, I realize that if we'd gone in with our normal group, we'd probably have won as well. But it wouldn't have been as easy. And it wouldn't have been as stress free.


For the record, I'm not saying that Melee DPS can't raid. That would be stupid. I'm just saying it seems like as a scoundrel, I'm noticeably less effective and more heal intensive than my Gunnery Commando counterparts.


I feel like there needs to be a better incentive to take Melee DPS past the token Sentinel. As it is, there doesn't seem to be any compelling reason to bring one other than the inspiration Buff.

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