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Legacy Cargo Hold


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Add a currency slot to the current Cargo Hold as well as a pulldown menu which allows you to select the Cargo Hold of each character under the same Legacy Name System. This will allow for instant transfer of currency/mats and non-bound or faction/class specific items to any character under the same Legacy Name System (both factions when allowable). You can share faction based items between characters of the same faction (example being say Imperial gear) but not between characters of the opposing faction. Character bound items are restricted to the character that acquired it and non-tradeable. Class based items are restricted to the class and faction that it was created for. In the future, if possible, this feature could further be enhanced to automatically convert Imperial specific gear to it's Republic counterpart if traded to a character of the opposing faction. Same could also be done for class based gear.


Mail and the neutral GTN are the only means to transfer items between characters on the same account. This idea would give the Legacy System a really great feature that all players with more than one character would most definitely desire to have.

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