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Idea how to bring more balance to ILUM without changing factions.


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Will copy paste my post from PVP forums: http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=308697


"So the idea is (imma just throw in RANDOM numbers):


- Based on current numbers (rep vs imp) give the side that has LESS people something called "Air-strike beacon" to use every 10 minutes. Make it consumable that can be bought from vendor at base with 10 min cooldown (starting when previous air strike is used so only 1 can be used every 10 minutes).


What it would do? Its simple... should be similar to cannons that are in bases. HUGE CHANNELED AOE that wipes raids and ***** everything in it.


- Thats basic idea, and some thins should be implemented as safeguards, like:


- No side can own air-strike beacon untill XYZ people are present on Ilum (lets say 30? 40? actually this can be managed per server according to populations).

- IF you purchase air-strike and you leave Ilum, you automatically lose it and it respawns at vendor.

- Maybe implement some timer on it. After buying it , you have XZY minutes to use it, otherwise, it dissapears from inventory and its respawned @ vendor.

- DMG numbers should be tweaked so that its not insta raid wipe on enemy faction, but rather "OH CRAP! IF I DONT MOVE I WILL DIE - IF I START MOVING LATE I WILL TAKE GOOD AMOUNT OF DMG - IF I MOVE FAST I WILL GET SMALL AMOUNT OF DMG")


Anyway, just some thoughts.. it would be right there lore-wise, being war and all... and with careful implementation it could lead to less whine and more fun. "

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