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Character Position Update in combination with Knockbacks/Lags = Bad design?


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Dont get me wrong, i LOVE Knockbacks in this game, because its giving the game another aspect of timing/positioning skill related thing....


however in a ideal world the idea of those knockbacks in swtor WOULD WORK...




since in a mmo stuffs like LATENCY and the CHARACTER POSITION UPDATE seems not to be always fine... stuffs like knockback or pushes are just broken..



MULTIBOXER i guess very well know what i mean..


If you have got a friend with swtor on a laptop

or a second swtor account and computer



try this:


log into those 2 accounts and just stand with both characters beside each other

you will notice that the characters may stand on different positions on both swtor clients..


this is because the character positioning is not always accurate on every client...


but with knockbacks relieing on the character position.... this can become a huge impact in gameplay..


instead of force pushing someone off the ledge you just push him right into the goal line in huttball is the best worse scenario example...

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Agree. When playing HuttBall for exemple, dunno what the sorc sees, but even if I run through him to get behind him, near a crate (before the fire traps) for eg., NOOO the knockback pushes me to where I would have been if not moving during that second.


It's worse when you move in a diagonal. Next to a fire trap or just to avoid getting bumped into the pit.


You have like 75% chance to get bumped to the floor even if you're in position perfectly opposed to the sorc :rolleyes:


Bad latency/animation is bad

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Couple of experiences i had with knockbacks.


I knock someone off the highest platform in huttball they vanish into the platform you can still target them but it´s blurry and can´t attack them then they spawn some seconds (2-5) later back at the highest platform and about 10-20meters from where i knocked them off.


You use knockback on someone with no resolve he takes the damage from it but doesn´t get knocked back.No resist or whatever combat text.


And then there are the examples you gave when you aim someone at a firenozzle or poisonpool and they end up flying anywhere else than what you intented.


And i doubt it´s my lag i´m at around 40-60ms at wzs.


Think it´s just the **** engine they got in this game.

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same for stuns while running.

i can be chasing and stun a target so i can prepositionally strike them and be unable to do it for some time because they are not where i see they are.


Its all very confusing as sometimes they are behind me which means i could not actually see them when i stunned them.



this isnt really new though. I think even CS had this problem to some degree.

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Unfortunately, there is no real way to fix issues caused by latency. The only thing that would "Fix" the issue would be to allow the offending player to select a KB destination (similar to how we select an AOE location). This would remove the positioning requirements however, since you can place your target wherever you want.


Best thing to do is just learn to anticipate where your target will be in 1-2 steps. Fire your KB a 1/2 second faster than you normally would, and your targets will start going where you want them (at least it works for me).

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