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Optimal equip for PvP 31/0/10 build.


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I am now struggling with *beeep* BM commendation farm and I am looking for best combination of the gear . I really really do not want to make mistakes here, because I am on unlucky side of the RNG ....


Therefore I am looking for some advice how to combine my Stalker/Survivor parts to get best bang for (very limited) bucks.


As for now I have following plan:


Stalker weapon

Survivor shield


(these 2 seems like no-brainer for me)


Stalker implants & ear (mistake easily fixable here so no stretch)


As for the set parts - this is where I do not want to make mistake - My plan is as following:


2 Stalker pieces: Head & Hands to be specific - these have power as stat which seems to me to be more important then crit on other pieces


3 Survivor pieces: Robe/Legs/Boots - as a lucky coincidence these all have Defense rating on them which I like more then shield+absorption combination.


What do you think? Any ideas for changes?

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I personally indeed like combining the two 2p bonuses, as they offer some nice utility and the 20 sec Spinning Kick is very nice for added control.


As for the stats, a lot of the gear has rather non-optimal stats; the Survivor set has defensive stats which are currently rather wasted since they do nothing on Force or Tech attacks, whereas the Stalker set is filled with Accuracy which doesn't do a whole lot for us comparatively either. (Not to mention we get a bunch of unavoidable accuracy in several other slots) I'd suggest you are best off buying mostly DPS gear, remove the mods and enhancements which do not work, and replace them with mods and enhancements which are better itemized. Removing the tank mods will cost a bit but shouldn't be an issue with the daily income, and those will still be very nice for a PvE tank set. A nice source of good mods would be using excess Champion tokens (and later BM tokens) to buy pieces which do contain better mods/enhancements, remove those and put them in your actual PvP gear. Champion level mods are obviously a bit lower level (56 vs 58 I think) than BM level mods, but you should still be better off with a lower level better itemized mod. I'd say your best bet are mods which with crit, power and surge. With the new surge nerf you might not want to overly push surge too high due to the harsh diminishing returns, but otoh I'm not entirely sure if high level power/crit mods currently exist.


I'm personally still debating the situational use of the shield generator (vs Snipers and certain melee specs) versus the increased damage of the power generator. I'll likely just buy both Champion versions and play around with it a bit. It will probably be the final BM item I buy due to the price so being out of whack (3 tokens) compared to the Champion versions. (40ish commendations)


Update: Some browsing in the Torhead dbase later (which isn't accurate, but seems to often have an excess of info) suggests there's indeed no Power/Crit enhancements, which means your best bets are either Crit/Surge or Power/Surge enhancements then.

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