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Customized Clothes , Tailor NPC


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There should be Tailor NPC for this game.


Alright, im fine with SOME of the designs of high level gear and stuff. But wouldnt it be nice if we can Tailor our gear into something we like but will not affect the overall in game stats?


Im thinking something in the line having certain modifications to parts of the gear

Ex: Cape, there should be an option like, burned damaged classy, (also colors and tech parts) depends on the preference. for people who like a more rugged look, there will those options and also for those who likes it classier. :)


These should be done using a Tailor, through Social commendations (?), more interaction + cooler looking outfits without the need to change gear for social interactions.


personally i would like my dark jedi to have semi torned robes. XD



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