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Been browsing through the threads and noticed alot of quit threads. What i don't understand is, if you quit why do you continue to hang out in the forums daily? Is it a "misery loves company" thing? I mean when you dump a girl you dont pester her daily for months. When you quit a job you dont harass them daily. With me when im done with something and it sucks... im done, for good. Just wondering what the reasons are besides the lame "waiting for gw2 to come out" excuse. cause ive heard that before. If the games so bad why do you continue to lurk around.


Daoc: "This game is dead im waiting for WoW".

WoW: "This game is whack, just waiting on Aoc."

Aoc: "This games a joke, rolling over to Warhammer"

Warhammer: "Cant wait til Swtor is out, then im gone."

Swtor: "Biofail sucks, im waiting on GW2. by the way, why can't you be more like WoW or Daoc".


LOL never gets old. Some of you guys are creatures of habit.

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We ask that threads made in General Discussion center on discussion of Star Wars™: The Old Republic™. Threads made to criticize the community do not foster constructive discussion and are considered off-topic for General Discussion, so we have closed this thread. If you have feedback, we encourage you to contact us at communitysupport@swtor.com. Thanks for understanding!

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