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Guild Issues need Fixes now.


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Instead of waiting for GuildLeader summit (which i wasn't invited to,despite being in a 180 plus member guild), please get 4 things into the game for Guilds now, as its hurting guilds, to not have these.


1) We need Guild email. This is needed to be able to communicate to my guild, any rules, changes, and ideas, quickly and uniformly to all guild members. Please add a forwarding option to email too. Do not charge for Guild email.


2) We need a Guild gather point, so that the guild can form quickly, at a location. This will bring advantages to being in a guild, and allow guildies more comraderie.


3) We need a guildhall or ship, to gather at. A place of our own, with multiple ships to chose as guildhall, by guildleader. Maybe make it a purchased skill, and building/ship


4) We need in Game voice, especially for Guilds.


We really need these, as i see guildies dropping the game, due to lack of interaction, these options would help with.

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