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Controller support for SWTOR


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Hey guys,


There is one thing I would desperately love to see in SWTOR, but I also know that it is probably way, waaaay down on the list of things to do.


I must admit, I hate playing on mouse and keyboard. Hate. I have no good reason why I dislike it, but it also aggravates my back and neck having to sit at a desk hunched over a keyboard to play.


So, at the moment I am using Xpadder and my 360 controller quite successfully to play, although it is a little buggy, and a little more clunky than I would like.


Now, I know it can be done, as I have played DCUO and was very happy with their set-up. And I know that Bioware has experience in Xbox, Xbox 360 and PS3 as well, so one would hope that it would work quite smoothly.


Would love to hear from anyone in regards to whether Bioware are even considering this, or just to see how many people would be in support of it?


Thanks guys.

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