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Suggestion for new classes


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I love the game and love the storyline. But find myself seeing that most classes are in fact the same and lack support as a class itself. You can have a Bountyhunter tank thats basically just like the juggernaught tank only uses range over melee. Very similar in almost all aspects.


What I purpose is a few suggestions. Please take the time to view them and put them into consideration.







Class: Pirate

Sub classes: Buccaneer-Scallywag



Buccaneer specialization: Buccaneers are fighters who use light armor. They also use 1 viroblade in one hand and a blaster in the offhand. The fighting style is a combo based system. They speacialize in the role of DPS






Vital role:Tank/dps

Scallywag specialization:The Scallywags use light armor and fight as dirty as they come. Using anything possible to turn the tide of battle in his/her favor. Scallywags use duel viroblades and prefer a up close and personal kinda fight. Its said Scallywags have been known to dodge and parry most attacks with ease.


Tree1:BladeDancer ((parry tree for tanking))

Tree2:Bloodrunner ((Focuses on fast attacks and bleeds))

Tree3:Ruffian ((uses many dirty tricks to win fights. ((dust in eyes)) ((eye gouge))ect.





For the offspring of this class for the republic. They can get........


Class for republic ((Swoopbiker))






Lore: Having escaped the destruction of Taris and its swoop track being destroyed these Bikers find themself at angry odds with the empire and seek revenge. The Republic has offered to rebuild Taris and give these Bikers the means to get revenge with the empire.


Speacialization:Gangster- Gangsters are all about owning turf and settling up with any enemy. These Bikers use Virosword in 1 hand and Blaster in the offhand for anybody who would try to play keep away or come in close combat. The Gangster Class is a dps role



Tree2:Hired muscle





Now for the support classes that would be great to have I have listed the other 2 below.



For empire side: Technician

Role: the technician builds droids to do his/her bidding the gear he gets and equips does not increase his damage but instead increases the droids he builds damage. The technician himself is not a threat per se on the battlefield he replies on the droids to act as bodygaurd for him and his allies. As he/she level he gets more droids to increase overall dps and fill different roles. The technician starts the game off with 1 bodygaurd droid.



Speacializations: Engineer-Cybertronics


Engineer role: builds robots to do his bidding.

Cybertronics role: Does not get any robots instead uses cybertec to increase his power.


Engineer tree's:

Tree1:Assassin droids

Tree2:Battle droids

Tree3:Healer Droids

Any droid to fill any situational need ((any except for tanking)) gains the ability to have more droids as he/she levels. Note: Engineers base damage is halved when he takes this school and his damage is split amoung his droids.


Cybertronics tree:

Tree1:Tec Junkie

Tree2:Grits & Gear ((tanking role))

Tree3:Android implants

Cybertronics does not get any droids to command. However he does use Cybertronics to increase his own power to inhuman points that man would never be able to reach otherwise. Cybertronics uses heavy-Armor and fills the role of dps/tanking




Republic offset to the above is "Beastmaster"



Taskmaster: A taskmaster commands multiple animals to do his bidding at the sound of his voice. he commands them from afar to make short work of his enemies. He gains may use multiple beast as he levels but starts off with only 1 gaurdian beast. As he grows in his taskmaster training he may command more beats. On taking this Speacialization his damage is halved and is spread all around with him and his beast. Taskmasters can take the role of healing/dps



Tree1:Exotic Handler

Tree2:Tough Handler

Tree3:Caregiver Handler

Beastmasters fill any role outside the role of tanking. His pets can heal themself or allies as well as stealth and assassinate any would be aggressor against his masters will. His beast are very loyal to the Beastmaster.



Hunter speacialization: The Hunter does not command beast or handle them. He does not ever get beast to serve under his command. In fact quite the opposite, This person hunts the beast and learns the ways of the animal to become a living primal warrior. He may take on aspects of fallen beast. By this right he fills the role of tank/dps


Tree1:Eye of the Tiger

Tree2:Way of the Rancor ((tanking tree))

Tree3:Aspect of the serpent







Thank you everybody for reading. And if bioware should take the time to read this or view it thank you for any thought or consideration. -


A bioware & Starwars fan.

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I have also been trying to think of possible classes that could be added. I like your idea of the "pet classes" as playing a MasterMind in CoH/V was pretty fun.


Kinda hard (for me anyway) to transpose some of the other classes used in other games into the Star Wars universe and have them fit, but I think Technician and Beastmaster do a pretty good job. Not really feeling the pirate/biker one but thats just opinion.


I think it would be easy to incorporate a pet class into PvE, but then theres always PvP balance that ends up ruining good PvE ideas :p


For gearing the technician/beatmaster, possibly light+cunning/aim for pet AC and either medium+aim or heavy+cunning for tank (depending on which stat is used)?


That would make 3 non force and 2 force sensitive classes, now come up with a new force sensetive class!

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food for thought. A force sensitive class to make the 3rd slot could be a "Jedi Ambassador"

and a "Sith Ambassador" This could make up for the 3rd force class.


Lore: Known for having a silver touge and way with words. These Jedi/sith go to planets to try to convert powerful allies into joining the war efforts. When Diplomacy fails they have a Bodygaurd who is quick to step in for his/her master and defend him/her.


Class itself: Could be used as 1 part pet class 2nd part no pets. Below are some examples oof how this could be.

(Example:If you choose the subclass of the Ambassador that allows a bodygaurd your force sensitive powers focus on making that pet strong and act as a vessel of power. You focus on battle meditations to increase his attack speed or power by way of the force.


Republic Side

Class:Jedi Ambassador -((Support class))




Diplomate: Uses 1 bodygaurd to act as a vessel of power. The diplomate uses meditation to increase his/her bodygaurds power to superhuman levels. While the Diplomate himself/herself is not physcially powerful he/she makes up with making the force sensitive bodygaurd act as a beacon of power. ROLE:Tank/DPS


Tree1:Vesthaven ((Focuses on making the bodygaurd a tank))Tank role

Tree2:Morale ((Focuses on giving the bodygaurd Stronger attacks))Dps role

Tree3:Battle Meditation ((gives the bodygaurd fast attack speeds))Dps role


Invoker:Has no bodygaurds. Instead the invoker knows how to act under preasure when Diplomacy gets rocky. Invokers can boost themself as well as allies with battle meditations. Where as the counterparts of the Invoker ((Diplomates are only able to focus on giving the meditations to buff 1 ally.)) The Invokers are capable of giving allies and themself battle meditations under combat.Role-*New Support class


Tree1:Strength of Will: ((buffs resistance to tech/force powers))Gives to all allies

Tree2:Courage:((Buffs resistances to physical attacks))School focuses physical resistance

Tree3:Perseverance: ((Buffs yourself only for high dps)) dps role



Empire say way only change wording and class names. But overall i think everybody gets the idea.

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