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Removing bop on craftable gear (armormech)


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Probably been already posted, but the search engine on the forums is so horrid i gave up after half an hour browsing.


I would really like to craft something useful at lvl 50 so that others that dont run Ops can get weaker lvl 50 purples (with 51 mods), so they can get quicker into doing hardmodes if they wish at some point.

But i cannot because they are mostly bop (apart from belt and bracers)


I have armormech and what im talking about are the recepies i get in Ops.


When you actually get these recepies you probably already have columni

or rataka gear, or atleast tionese ones that are on par with the ones you can craft.


Not to mention that the required materials come from the last bosses in Ops and are bound to you.

Therefore preventing you from trading those materials.

That means that i need to gear up, to go through the whole Ops

to get a crafting component for something that i at that point really have no use of (neither my companions to really).


I just feel like armormech is a HUGE waste of time apart from the 2 rataka pieces

that i justily can craft for myself only, that is fine and how it should be with every

crafting skillset.


Please make these craftable armor pieces with 51 mods in them boe so that there is actually a point to craft them, instead of having the recepies there for the heck of it.


Atleast make the crafting recepies and the crafting components that drop in Ops tradeable.

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