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[Suggestion] Sell All Trash items option @ Vendors


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I love how the companion can do this as part of their special skill but would definitely like to see this being useable by players themselves when they're physically at the vendors.


Unless I'm really far from a vendor and inside an instance, I tend to not send my active companions to clear my trash items while I'm questing. When I'm done questing and turning them in, chances are I still have a bunch of trash items in my inventory and I do want still want to gain companion affection points while turning in the quests. So this leaves me with a full inventory, active companion, and me interacting with the vendor and rightclicking all the trash items in my inventory manually to sell them.


It'd be nicer to have an option like the "repair all" to just "sell all trash" when you the player is interacting with the vendors. The game already can recognize item quality in a player's inventory, I'd love to see something along this line for the future.

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