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Item progression through storyline


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I must say that i simply love this game, the 2 stories i followed so far (consular and trooper) are simply amazing.


With that in mind, i would like to discuss an idea that would improve a lot imho the game value.


The idea is basically to tie the pve gear evolution to the storyline. Something in the form of an advanced class storyline. The hard mode flashpoints, ops and some open world would become the base for it.


Off rooms are plenty in most flashpoints, so it would be possible with some work to install a system that would allow a team to have each their storyline objective, while maintaining the base of the flashpoint itself.


If only part of the slots would tied to the class story, and part to the flashpoint itself, the need for both would increase the probability that a certain flashpoint would be in demand.


Having like 4-5 armor pieces, and possibly the weapon, as those are the ones that mark the class choices, connected to an evolving storyline would be counter-balanced by the need for the rest of the gear, that would be on the domain of the hard mode flashpoints and operations loot.


I understand that it would require 8 storylines to be introduced for each new expansion but, if done right would increase the game longevity.

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