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Copy Character to PTS b4 Patch 1.2 PLEASE!


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First off I think a lot of complaints are being answered and 1.2 does look very promising.


Now then;

BW stated that a character copy option will be implemented for testing on the PTS.


I hope they release it prior to patch 1.2 deployment


I'd help test then.


If possible, I'd also recommend a spoiler free operations boss system be added to the PTS as well. You could schedule these fights by posting when they will be open on the forums, then invite all guilds to try the bosses out. To make it a more spoiler free fight, teleport the players directly to the boss room (out of aggro range) and only test the bosses.


Anyway, I'm sure there are quite a few of us that will jump on the PTS and test this very very very important patch 1.2 if you give us the option to copy our characters prior ti patch 1.2's deployment on live servers.


You have a test environment, you have the technology. Let us help you.

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