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48 different varieties of level 43 enhancements?


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In Artifice, there are 48 different types of level 43 enhancements that can be crafted. Considering the small number of stats which are actually affected, it's a confoundingly large number, and much larger than the corresponding modifications in Cybertech. Is there really a reason for it, or is it just a mistake of some kind? There are so many, it's difficulty to even sort through them all and differentiate them.
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the problem is that while there are a small number of stats the number of combinations is great


you have ( from the top of my mind)









that is 7 stats


each enhancement generally affect 2 of those

so there are 7x 6=42 combinations



Not sure this is the complete explaination

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Yeah, I wish I had looked at the closer before buying them all cause now my crafting UI is a clusterfrack. There are about 10 that are exact duplicates of others that you don't need. The rest of the large variety is due to having more or less Endurance in exchange for more or less secondary stat (Crit/Power/Defense/Absorption).
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