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I dont even know what. Just do it.


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Nerf Sage / Sorcerer

Take away SOME of its utility. Try to leave Force Speed as is, since it's cool.


Buff Trooper / BH

Give a Party ability like Smuggle (Party Stealth)

Energy Regen in PvP is very restrictive. Change is a must.


Buff IA / Smuggler

Energy Regen in PvP is very restrictive. Change is a must.


Buff Commando / Merc

Too many AOE / Attacking abilities.

Turn these into utility. Get creative.


Buff Gunslinger / Sniper

More Utility. Get creative.


Make Huttball fun for all, not just Consulars.


Fix Social gear.


Put more Story in Flashpoints, and Less in others.

More: Hammer Station.

Less: Esseles.

Correct: False Emperor.


Fix the bosses in the flashpoints. Bonus bosses should be the hardest.

That being said, all bosses should be equally tuned, with bonus bosses being tuned higher.


Fix bugs regarding mobs being knocked off edges. Or take it out of the game. (Please don't do that.)


Fix loading times for player Ships, so we can travel between worlds faster.


Please let the GTM be searched by TEXT straight away. This is a MUST.


Let players change their Legacy Once. This is much the same reason that Blizzard let Starcraft players change their player names. Mine is "LOL" because I didn't realise what I was doing and was drunk-ish at the time.


Fix Quest drops in groups. I don't know what the deal is, but something is broken.


Let players obtain the Toggle Blaster / Shield item for their ship much earlier. That thing is godly, but also increases the fun of the space mission tenfold.


Try to make daily area's crossover Republic and Sith. This increases the danger of doing them and provides some fun PvP at the same time. The fact that you split up Belsavis really breaks my heart MYTHIC. Come on guys, shame on you.


Fix the famous stuck areas of the game. Seriously, the amount of times I get stuck is amazing. At least 5-10 times a day. Use heatmaps if you're that bad at statistics.


Add Achievements- PROPERLY. Not this codex junk, that no one even notices. Lets get flashing lights and super cool stupid stuff happening. Jumped off the Cantina in Carrick station? ACHIEVEMENT! Seriously people love this, even if it is pointless.


I don't know. Add to this list. I'm sure there is others, and I only play republic.

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