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Hacker email, beware


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So I received my first email that is a phishing scam targeting Swtor players today. If you get the following email (Without links, I know some idiots will click them) disregard it:




Thank you for joining the Star Wars : The Old Republic community! Celebration of The Star Wars: The Old


Republic Team over 1 million paying players, we will sent surprise gifts to some of the players , If you are


lucky, within 5 days we will send you gift.


To view more information please visit (Link was here)


Note that you can choose to ignore this message if you ignore this message, you will not get to our


surprise gift for you. All of the above issues is required, and please you to confirm your answer is correct,


we will can not correct mail gifts to you.


The Star (Link was here)


To help ensure that you receive your verification email as well as future emails from Star Wars: The Old


Republic, please add (Link was here) to your address book.


May the Force be with you,


The Star Wars: The Old Republic Team


If you did not want to join the Star Wars: The Old Republic community, please delete and ignore this message.


This is a transactional email from the Star Wars: The Old Republic Team.



Notice the horrible spelling. Also, if the links were on there they send you to a .tk site, not the normal swtor .com

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yeah bad grammar and bad spelling give these away. how about google translate is the reason these emails sound stupid.


its not even looking legit from the first sentence. but im sure we will see dipstick trolls that get these and somehow try to get bioware to give them something for free.


or they lose accounts and cry about it on the forums.


i say, if you are stupid enough to click on any part of those messages then you deserve the key logger that gets into your system. and then you deserve to lose your email. amazon and other online accounts to these scammers.


yup thats right i said it, if you are stupid enough to click on the links in these emails you DESERVE to lose your game accounts and have to deal with all the associated BS that comes with keyloggers and scammers stealing your accounts.


this reminds me of the WoW/blizzard emails i get into my spam folder, the ones telling me my account has been flagged for illegal actvities and i need to verify my aount via this link, to make sure my account is secure, and then a drawn out warning that if i am selling my account they will take it from me. roflmfao , i am PROUD to sya i have NEVER had a WoW account. but yet 8 year old scammers still trying to get accounts from people not even owning the game or who have never owned the game.



oh and btw you get these emails why? how do they know you are playing SWTOR and how did they get your email to spam you ? i mean sure google is tracking us and knows we are visiting this site. but how do these scammers get your email? thru the origin side? thru this side? thats my issue where is my personal email broadcast to the general public so people get these types of emails? is it from unsecured guild sites tand stupid players who use the same email for everything and same passwords too?


thats what i always am curious about where do they KNOW i am playing this game from?


it is not like i am all over the internet yelling I PLAY SWTOR COME SCAM ME!


just saying how do they get our emails in the first place, random scams from say games we dont play are random but this is targeted to you as a swtor player....


curious where the email info comes from.


(dont ever use your main email to register with game sites or anywhere online, always use a secondary, i have emails for games and emails for web sites and emails for friends and family, i have amazon only emails NEVER gets spam or anything not from amazon as thats the only thing it is used for. most people have no idea what they are doping online they just sit down and start surfing and roll around d the net not even giving the first hint of intelligence regarding inet security.... i lol at them when they cry about keyloggers and taken over emails roflmfao. always use individual emails for your various subscription games, in googlemail you can have all of your emails forward to one. so there is no excuse to be a inet noob and get keylogged. be wary and dont use the same emails and passwords ever.)

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