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Pvp bots > humans


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Just because you didn't see a program running, doesn't mean there isn't one. Windowed mode with the camera pulled in slightly so you can't see it. Here, check this out.




That link right there leads to a page to download the program. There is also a video on there on how to use and manipulate the program. I am only referring to your post I quoted, since you said you saw no program there.


There is the proof, you know the program is around, do you know it works too? It works wonders from what people say. Speed hacking you say? They have that too, check it out!!





I present to you the V3.0 of Ares PVP bot. It now has waypoints which will make it able to follow a path you can create with our waypoint tool.


Basically, this bot queues for PVP, runs battlegrounds and farms crew skills automatically. It can move and fight.

The free version is a demo which joins and run warzones. The premium have movement, fighting and crew skills


Oh look, here is yet another Bot that does different thing and whadda know? It is a program you run, how about that?


Link: Hacks


Oh, here is what it reads:


Current features:


-anti-stun (not yet implemented)

-anti-slow (works fine with speed multi)



-zero gravity

-superfly (finished but not yet implemented)



h, what's that? You say teleport? No wai, it would never work!!!! Try it out yourself, you will be amazed!!


Need I say anymore? Oh, and I did save this so I may post it again because it will be reported by someone who uses these programs.


And as always, Have a Nice Day!!


And no, I am not referring to hacking the server, that would be silly.


EIDT: Here's a vid. describing memory editing.




EDIT 2: Here is another forum that a user wrote the code in C# for the teleport hack. When it rains, it pours!!1




EDIT 3: Ares Speed Hack vid showing the speed hacking. Wow, that doesn't look real. 0.o




EDIT 4: Here is someone using Cheat Engine to speed hack. You can't tell me the Dev's have no clue about Cheat Engine?




Add this to the already exsiting pvp exploits and this game dies SOON

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