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Ok I need help deciding


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So, I have so far:


Level 20 Sith Assassin

Level 15 Jedi Shadow

Level 50 Commando

Level 42 Maurader

Level 15 Powertech

Level 12 Jedi Guardian

I have a decision to make, I want to be a healer for both imp and republic for my next class. I want the easiest class to be a healer with, since its my first time trying healing. Bear in mind though I have used a Commando, so I am capable of handling the ammo/energy/heat conserving needed to roll any healer


Here are the choices:

a: create a Sage and Sorcerer, repeat their stories, and make them my healers

b: Roll IA and Scoundrel, and make them my healers

c: create a Mercenary and Commando, and repeat their stories, and make them my healing classes


Basically, I want to know what you would do in my situation


Please provide details why you would choose one of the above

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