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New Player-Driven PvP/PvE Content Going Live on Twin Spears


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Below is a list of upcoming games and added player-driven content that a collection of about a dozen guilds on The Twin Spears server will begin implementing within 24-48 hours to improve guild participation, end game content, PvP options, and enjoyment of the game. I am posting it here in hopes that others will see this and implement it on their server, come up with their own ideas to improve the end game by player-driven means, and share their ideas with the rest of the community to help us out in improving our game experience



1) Obviously, your first question is: Where is good ol' 2v2, 4v-4 PvP? Everyone knows what that is and how to do it. We will be doing it VERY often, but the list of events that follows is new content and ideas that needs explaining

2) Reasons to fight in The Outlaw's Den: After attending a number of OPvP events, I've found a few things to be killers to an event. PUGs trying to get in on the action, but don't know the rules. Being too far away from one side's or both side's res points. Needing to buy health packs (if you decide that you can use them in combat). The Outlaw's Den fixes all of those, plus it has nodes with Merc Comms, buffs for an added element, and an arena for small battles.


Guild Tag:

What it is: To begin, you choose someone to be "It" and give them an in game trophy (whatever trinket you would like) and 100K credits. You then announce in game, on your forums, and on your VOIP who is It, and the amount of money that they have. At that point, it's game on! ANY member of the guild can challenge them to a duel. Anytime "It" is challenged, they have to accept (part of the sacrifice of fame and fortune). If It wins, they announce the victory on their guild's "Guild Tag" forum thread, either on their site if they have one, if not, they can make a Guild Tag, guild specific swtor thread. If "It" loses, the winner gets the trophy, the 100K, and another 100K from the losing "It". They will keep being challenged and challenged until there is a Champion. A Champion is anyone to win 5 challenges in a row (number subject to change based on real world results. Ideal number may be higher) kept track on the forum. He gets all the accumulated money which, depending on how many times the trophy changed hands, could be in the millions, but more importantly, his name goes down in the Guild's Hall of Fame (coming shortly) and cannot play in the next round (to keep 1 person from winning it all the time if there is 1 obviously superior PvPer). You can also divide it up into tiers, i.e. Level 30-40 Tag.

What it brings: Now you have guild activity on your forums, and in game, players worrying about PvP, and it turns the entire galaxy into a potential PvP ground for everyone who cares to play. Everyone wants to win, no one wants to lose, but if anyone is OP, they are a Champion and recognized as such: Bragging Rights!

What you need to do: You need to make a post on your forums, which we can create so that you can copy/paste and change whatever minor details you may want to. You need 100K (again, you can change that number based on your guild's needs) and some sort of Trophy, the wackier/more unique: the better


War of Illum:

What it is: Enough of this Battle stuff, let's get the War going! Triumvirate has done a good job of running this, but has had a problem with participation. It's current incarnation is great, but this is how we want to implement it for a greater audience. At a chosen time, as many from each faction as you can grab head's to your respective bases on Illum. Once the clock chimes (fill in the blank), we go. You clear everything from your base to Central, and then it's on! Guilds can organize side fights to be had, but this is more aimed at having general chaos everywhere. Massive amount of death and destruction. We have done an event similar to this so let me tell you, it will get laggy, people will drop, and it will be the most fun you've had in a long time.

What it brings: Huge OPvP (the largest that we will be able to organize), intra-faction guild communication, and a great way to get Daily/Weekly quests done. Most organized OPvP on Illum is almost impossible because there will be too many PUGs, so mass killing is the best option.

What you need to do: Mark it in you calendars, let everyone in the guild know on forums, VOIP, and in game, and tell others in-game what's going to to spark their attention too. Very easy, hands free, and effective.


Scavenger Hunt

What it is: This one will be easy. In the Twin Spears Hall of Fame will be a list of tasks. Tasks may be hard, require guild coordination, or involve rare occurrences, but next to each one will be listed a reward, along with the name of who achieved it. Screen shots will be mandatory to claim victory unless the task says otherwise. We will do multiple task scavenger hunts, and even some out-of-game scavenger hunts (fan art, for example)

What it brings: People checking your forums, and the Hall of Fame, but mainly, each scavenger hunt will have a point to it. It will take people to new places, get them to try new things, and hopefully help them find more aspects of SWTOR to start enjoying.

What you need to do: Check in to the hall of fame often for updates, make sure all current scavenger hunt options are on your forums, or somehow disseminated throughout your guild, and encourage people to join in them.


Alt Wars

What it is: 2v2, 4v4, etc, with a twist. You have to play with other members of an opposite's faction guild to keep, say, 3 Rep guildie's alts from grabbing some low level Imp PUG. This is ALL Alts. It will be hosted at Outlaw's Den, and there will be several prizes. Prizes for champions by level (level 21-30, 31-40), fastest kill, longest fight, and the like.

What it brings: It will encourage players to experience PvP with their cross faction alts. Rumor has it in the future SWTOR will have aspects of the Legacy system in place to encourage cross-faction alts, so we can start early. It will give your players a better understanding of other classes PvP, and give them a feel for playing the other faction in a competitive environment.

What you need to do: This will take a lot of coordination. It involves premade teams, from different guild and factions, all making it to Outlaw's Den at an organized time. You will need to get signups, make sure people show, and preferably have some spare players for when people can't make it.


Pod Racing

What it is: BioWare gave us speeders that can jump and fit into tight places. Let's use them and the ingenuity of Twin Spears players to have some fun. We set a start point, and an end point. Then say "GO!" Want to spice it up? Bring a rival-faction guild into it and say, "No rules... GO!" For added craziness, it can include traveling to a new planet, if the race is within your faction.

What it brings: I beleive that people really will enjoy this, as it brings something new and exciting. Everyone with Speeder Piloting 3 is starting on the exact same foot. I think it's one of the easier ideas to organize, and will be fun for everyone involved.

What you need to do: It would probably be best to have run the area yourself to find a place that will have a lot of options for how to get through it, and a variety of shortcuts, so you will need to search. Once you find a good place, let the Cantina know as this will be an easy event to set up on short notice. You have 30 guild members online, everyone's getting bored, about to log off? Make an announcment: 30 minutes until Pod racing, be at.... (fill in the rest). Besides that, all you need is a prize. If you want a more organized race, or a race with multiple guilds, you can organize as much or as little as you want.


Knock-Back Jawa Ballon. Shirts Vs Pants

What it is: OK, of all the ideas sent to me, this looks like the most fun. It's like King of the Mountain for the Jawa Balloon. Fun, right? Well, here's the catch. You can ONLY use knock-backs. No weapons, no nothing. Another aspect of EVERYONE who's sent in ideas, is that at least one of them involves being naked. Since there is little-to-no damage being done, this is the place for naked PvP. The teams will be Shirts (no pants) vs Pants (No shirts). Jawa Balloon is the best option because it's obvious if you get it or not. It's hard to tell who won when there is no end, but the Jawa Balloon has a small are of time to compete, and a definite end with only 1 team as the victors.

What it brings: FUN! Content that is not in game right now, a lot of laughs, and the closest thing to a 40 man 3-stooges that I fear I will ever find. Half naked people flying everywhere, but still trying to obtain a goal.

What you need to do: Organize with other guilds, disseminate the information, and let everyone know exactly what rules are.



What it is: Two factions, with a set amount of players from each, to make it fair, taking down a world boss, and each other. Whichever faction gets the kill, wins. There is a prize for the victors, as well as bragging rights in the Hall of Fame thread. So you have to balance PvE, with PvP.

What it brings: PvE and PvP all in one. You have to have high enough DPS on the boss to get the kill, while keeping DPS on the enemy healer's and tank, while keeping your healers alive, while staying alive yourself,, while... *head explosion.

What you need to do: Again, this is organization intense, but VERY fun. You need #1 for a world boss to spawn. Depending on which one you choose, thata may be the hard part. You then need both guilds to show up, ready for battle. The easiest way to organize this will either be days in advance, or as a pick-up-game. You have 20 bored guildies? Hit up your opposite-faction ambassador contacts and see if they can get it together on their end. Show up, start killing.

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