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A suggestion for the next PvP planet


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DISCLAIMER: I believe that Bioware should first fix major issues with Ilum and the game in general before going about creating too much new content. As such, my suggestion is something that I would implement much later if I was Bioware.


Hey people,


I was on a thread in General chat about player choices not affecting the world when I had a thought about a potentially good PvP world experience. It's probably been posted before on the boards and implemented in some other game but here goes.


The idea is that the planet actually changes depending on which faction is controlling it.


For example: We have a war-torn, contested planet that the Republic is trying to rebuild but the Empire is trying not only to conquer, but completely ruin as an example to others. And it also has a large city in the middle (idea credited to poster DarthSeidhr), with special vendors, quests and the like.


The planet itself could have "control points" of sorts, and depending on which faction is winning its look changes... When the Republic is winning, we see restoration projects going on, settlements and cities being rebuilt, NPCs going about their business etc. But when the Empire is controlling it, the planet is ravaged, its settlements are burning, Imperial banners are everywhere, and it looks in bad shape in general.


These changes would be gradual, so the degree of destruction would not be the same depending on the number of points controlled... And it could even go so far as being sunny when the planet is under Republic control and progressively getting darker and stormier the more the empire advances.


I don't know how this would work technically... But maybe they could have separate phases which change when faction balance changes. All players inhabit the same phase of course.


And as faction population balance is generally an issue, maybe NPCs could spawn to help even the inevitable numerical odds depending on the Republic/Empire ratio.


I wouldn't expect to see something like this any time soon of course as it would be a massive undertaking, but I think it would be pretty cool.

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