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[The Annoying Search] Reinforced Matrix Armor quest gear.


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Right, Jedi Guardians and Sith Juggernaughts can get this Reinforced Matrix Gear from various sources at lvl 50


I am currently hunting down this set. and I am very positive many of you would like to aswell.


The armor is this. http://screenshot.xfire.com/s/120867098-4.jpg


BUT with Blue Markings all over it. like http://tor.zamimg.com/torhead/uploads/images/10029.jpg




Helmet: Heroic +2 quest on Corellia

Chestpeice: MIA

Belt: MIA

Leggs: MIA

Boots: MIA:

Bracers: Heroic+ 4 on Corellia

Gloves: Heroic+ 4 on Corellia


There is an alternate version of the armor Primeval Vindicator of something. u can get the chest and gloves from the Corellia vendor.


Any alternative items that look like this could be of much value highly prefferd moddable.

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