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"You should PvP for fun, not gear"


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As I read these forums I keep coming across people knocking/flaming/etc people who are griping about whatever aspect of PvP pisses them off (mostly bag system) by saying they should PvP because they enjoy it, not for rewards.


Full disclosure here: I would PvP from login to logout every day regardless of gear carrots-on-sticks. I love fighting with and against other players. I would gladly spend $15 a month to do just this. The rewards are a perk but not at all necessary *for me*.


I am the minority here. And I admit it.


Most people NEED an incentive to PvP that will do -something- for their toon. More power, more prestige, etc. etc.


So where does this arrogance about "You should PvP for fun" come from?


I dunno. But how many people would raid for fun if there was no loot--just the accomplishment? Again, I'd do this. But I'm a masochist. And again, I'm in a massively tiny minority here.




Mostly what concerns me about this attitude is if it's being adopted by Bioware. When I look at post-BM PvP, there is incentive (again, what drives MOST players) to win 3 battles each day and participate in Ilum until their daily/weekly is done. When you have full BM gear, there's nothing else to do--except maybe gear companions--but that seems a little ridiculous. I don't see any incentives beyond that except for a new title or speeder.


Again, if Bioware just opened up one day and said "Grats on Battlemaster, that's all you get" I'd be fine with it. But I figure the vast majority wouldn't be. Right now, that seems like what's happening. And when I think of the long-term viability of PvP in this game within that context...


It scares the **** outta me.

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