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New race ideas!


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I think that the game developers should make an update with a few new races that have some special abilities, like the ability to quad wield blasters and lightsaber, and the ability to dual wield double sided lightsabers. THESE WOULD NOT EFFECT DAMAGE THIS IS FOR LOOKS ONLY(cuz it would look baddass). If they do extra damage it should be VERY SLIGHT!


a few races are:

Kaleesh cyborg like general grievous

Besalisk like general krell


if you know any other four armed races from star wars post in the comments. If you like my idea please reply and maybe we can get it big enough to get it noticed :D

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I always felt bad for the Gungans.


Jar-jar was a twit of a character that ruined a very cool (in my view) race design.


So personally I'd like to see a Gungan race in the game.


Trandoshans, Niktos and Bith would all be appreciated as well.

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