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Every 1s thinking it I'm saying it


make it a 25 vs 25 battleground make it an instance with a 30-40min timer


Make it objectives based more you control the faster you get points make the point limit 1500


Change the dailys to 30kills make the flight paths res points.


Make it a cross server bg and for that matter cross Server bgs




Any other ideas?

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What would be the difference between that and just a very large version of Civil War? I like Civil War but idk how I feel about having 'duplicate' warzones, which is what this would be to me.


I do feel like Ilum leaves something to be desired ... like a reward for 'winning' it, which doesn't really mean anything currently.


It would be nice to see a change to collecting 'armaments' for a PvP zone. If I wanted a gather quest I'd log on my alt. How about increasing the cap and allowing warzone kills to count? Or, add an incentive for 'capturing' Ilum. A currency based on PvP kills in Ilum for Ilum specific gear or vanity rewards would also be nice.


In its current incarnation, I really only have 1 reason to go to Ilum: go to the southern Republic spawn and hope there are enough players there to do a bridge farm on to get my daily done. If that doesn't happen, and often times it doesn't due to population imbalance, I'm stuck farming missiles out of boxes in Central for up to two hours depending on how many other Imperial and Republic players are there trying to do the same thing. Atrocious. And why do I do this? For one lousy Battlemaster bag, which is barely worth the annoyance seeing as how the drop rate on BM bags is sadly lacking.


(Last statement is for the sake of my fellow PvP'ers who have been shafted at a less than 10% drop rate, I've been lucky).

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