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PENNY ARCADE: Scathing mini-review


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It's supposed to represent the passage of time obviously, but there is absolutely no reason to send people away to the fleet.


You could easily say


"Why not go study in the ________" or

"Why not hone your skills in the __________" or

Why not go torture some people in the ___________"


Point is, it can be on planet. It really can. I don't think it's the egregious sin that hes making it out to be since it doesn't actually suck up that much time (10 mins tops? Does this really warrant a 2 week anger protest?) but it is nonsensical none the less.

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I can't imagine how this kind of thing survived beta.

Beta wasn't meant for testing the game, it was a hype machine.


I offer the current state of the PTS and length of time patches exist on the PTS as proof that Bioware doesn't want the community's help finding issues before they make it to the live game.


If they don't want the community to test, they should hire a better QA department.

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