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Please consider changing when you respond to forum posts


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Bioware Community Staff,


I have been watching the Developer tracker for quite a while now. I have been noting how you respond to customers on the forums. Most of your responses are very good and do not get into flame wars with customers. In fact I would say all are, but I hate make a blanket statement. The problem I have isn't with your responses, it when you choose to respond. Many times there are some very well thought out posts from the community asking things or making suggestions. These "appear" to go on deaf ears. I am sure that you are reading them and considering all of these requests, but for the person making a post, it's nice to know they've been heard. A simple personalized thank you for the suggestion, or a generic response that says we'll talk more about this and get back to you, or even offer some constructive criticism to help them understand the bigger picture. This sort of thing would be extremely kind to these customers. Instead, it appears that you choose to respond to trolls, irate customers, and general childishness. In most cases this makes you come off appearing you think you're smarter or better than the person. I am sure this is not the image you want to put forth.


Please stop giving people who don't deserve it responses and start focusing on those that do. Encourage good behavior, or I believe you'll end up with a community of whiners because they don't know any other way to get their point across.

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