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Bugs! Take 2


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I am not sure if this has been address and not even sure if this is the right place to do so but I will post it here and im sure that bioware will move it.


First I want to say I love the game its star wars, I am a huge star wars buff weather it is books or movies what have you. Now with that out of the way, I would like to stress some thing that I am sure that Bioware knows but has not gotten to it yet or has and the issues are still broken.




In Game ticket system: could we get something other that a droid coming to you with some better help.

Tatooine Balloon is bugged: It gets close to where the data crones are and then just de-spawns it happen 7 times yesterday.

Lag/Load Times: the Lag seems to have gotten better but sometimes it is to much to handle and the load times either take too long or when loading you crash out.

Alt Tab: almost all the time I will be playing and then game with just alt tab out for no reason and I thought it was my PC and I have turned off everything from the PC and still does it.


I came from SWG and I hat to compare ToR to SWG but there was some thing in SWG that I really liked and would like to see it/them in ToR

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