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Show me your action bar!


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Bottom Row 1

1- hammershot

2- explosive round

3- full auto

4- sticky grenade

5- cryo grenade

6- pyro grenade

z- concussive round

x- concussive charge

c- stockstrike

r- rail shot

f- reactive shield

q- out of combat recovery skill


Bottom Row 2

s+1- mortar volley

s+2- charged shot

s+3- ion cannon

s+4- rapid fire (i think is the name, the spammable aoe)

s+5- adrenaline rush

a+1- medical probe

a+2- advanced medical probe

a+3- kolto bomb

a+4- trauma probe

a+5- supercharge

a+6- field tech


Right Row


plasma cell

armorpiercing cell

combat support cell

fast travel

e- speeder

7- break CC

8- Heroic Moment (I think is the name)


Left Row: Companion's action bar


I am a main healer and I keep my heals on the alts, I'm so used to them being there in every MMO I play. My utility skills tend to be on Z,X,C,R,F with the exception being stockstrike. I may change this when I'm not solo'ing most of the time, but I have always been a person to rather hit alt or shift for my heals than for my damage skills.

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