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Important issues / Enhancements to Implement


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I am posting this one to help the developers get an idea on the issues that must be rectified in order to keep OR playable for the long term. Also to give an outlet for users to add suggestions about issues that would cause them to stop subscribing if not implemented soon. Here is my .02 but could be -15.00 a month for the developers.


1. Allow me to add friends to my friends list that are not on-line. I still have friends I can’t add due to their play schedule not in line with mine.

2. Add Instance queues for cross worlds or players in my faction and level range. LFG channel does not cut the mustard!

3. Allow players to summon players to their location for runs (within reason). I mean this is the future right? I would think the world of Starwars would have transporter beams of some sort. More believable than a stupid summoning stone. ;)

4. Have one global market that spans multiple worlds with terminals in selected locations for pooling players. It is called the Galactic Market after all, not the Fleet Market or Nar Shadda market lol. Players want to sell stuff so let them have a big market.


There are bugs, but I still have a lot of fun and all MMOs will have small issues here and there as it improves. What I mentioned are, to me, the big points that would prevent me from renewing, and I am sure many of you to stop playing within a year. I love this game and want to see it continue for many years to come, not fizzle out due to lack of ability to connect with other players.

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