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Changes, Balances and Testing


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First and foremost this is not some whining crying "oh they nerfed my class" thread.


Also, I have never stacked surge on my characters. I have less than 100 or so points on my level 50 Champ/Cent Scoundrel. So the change does not affect me as bad, but it does.



The funny thing about the surge is this...



People had a problem with smugglers hitting them for 9k damage with shoot first when the game was brought out.


They achieved this by three factors.


1. Stacked Stims that increased your stats to crazy levels.


2. They were level 50 (or 40 or whatever) and the guy they destroyed was level 10 or 20ish.


3. Most were wearing Champion/Battlemaster gear when they did this damage so they had over 600 expertise.


Then the big patch happens. When I say big, I mean reckless. They modified several variables to people's damage with the Scoundrel.


They stopped the stacking of stims. Cool.


They put in the level 50 bracket in the warzone. Cool.


They changed the damage on shoot first. Meh,, I can understand so cool.


They changed the armor debuff for Flechette round. No. No. No. What are you thinking?!



So with all that any one of those changes would have provided a significant change in the damage a Scoundrel could do to others. But they make a change to all of it at the same time so there is no way of knowing (with only a week of non 50 testing) of the real damage.


Now the surge reduction further drops the damage capability of the Scoundrel. Again, let me say that I am good with all the changes, minus the armor debuff change. We NEED this in order to drop or even have a valid chance to drop an armored opponent. The armor debuff wont matter for someone wearing light armor, because it is not really armor anyways hehe.



All I am saying is, please test this stuff out more than a week out, and use level 50s in Battlemaster gear and see what happens. Then use different stims and adrenals and relics, and just keep testing for a couple of weeks.


Is my scoundrel broke? Nope. Is it a lot harder to take something down? Only if it is armored. Is there any class I would have trouble in fighting? Heavily armored or shielded characters.

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