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Orange Gear List


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Not to be a jerk, but 2 minutes of google will get you all you need to know.

Dont expect help from others if you cant be bothered to help yourself.

And I know because Ive already searched, good luck.


Actually, it won't. The game is still new enough and big enough that the info tends to be sparse and spread out all over.


For example, do a search for blue and white, moddable trooper armor. You will get sent all over the place with references to gear, and this gear on popular database sites like Darthater or Torhead will simply have it listed and no info about what it looks like or where it drops or if it is even still in-game.

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Which is simply that, a list. It doesn't tell you where to find them? Drop? Vendor? etc...




We can get an idea of what planet they originate on by the level listed, but as to where on that planet, that is a different story.


I think the game is just to new at this point for any kind of comprehensive list.

I myself been searching for two last pieces of Omenbringer's gear, the headgear and the belt to no avail. I'm not even sure if there is a set bonus for them or not but still I search.


Plenty of lists out there but almost none with specific locations. The ones that do ,seem to have pre beta and not all post release info.

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I wanted a set of orange wrists, and found the darthhater site. it does have locations to the lootdrop, on the items I looked up anyway. used the map and went and got my wrists.


link to bracers


On some. For others, it doesn't.


My example about blue and white trooper armor:




Listed, but no location. I happen to know where it drops because I had to read a bunch of different stuff and because the item level is a hint to narrow down the search.

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