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The best thing for MMO's would be...


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In my opinion of course...


The best thing for the genre of MMO's would be a "reboot" of the original EQ.


Keep the zones the same, keep the requirement to level with groups the same. Add LFG tools. Add a "group vs. group" PVP (maybe some other neat stuff in PVP). Make the zone transitions seemless. Make dungeons/raids instanced. Improve the graphics and put in a modern engine. Make it a easier to level (i.e. you don't spend 2 weeks at level 35). Etc, etc. etc.


Take everything that was great about EQ and keep it. Take everything that was bad about EQ and improve it. EQ2 failed at this IMO.


I'd pay to play a reboot of EQ. The people that scream "I want community" would have it. Those who love nostalgia would have it.


Of course even if they got started on it today, it'd take years, but man...that would be awesome.


I know this is off topic, but I don't really have anywhere to post (and get flamed!) other than here...and that's only for a few more days. I might resub if they actually get around to fixing this game...it does have aspects that are well done (but whoever decided to put all the time and money into voice acting that people just spacebar through anyway...well you can draw your own conclusion there).

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Hi all,


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