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Being Social in an MMO


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A problem I've been noticing with SWTOR is the lack of communication happening on various servers. Be it on random planets or in Fleet or even within guilds (what should be the pinnacle of the social interaction in an MMO), people just aren't talking. Why is this a problem, you may ask? Aside from being antipodal to the concept of an MMO, this lack of communication negatively effects YOUR gameplay.


-Looking for a group to do a mission or a flashpoint or warzone?


-Confused about a game mechanic?


-Looking for that elusive datacron?


-Trying to find a guild?


-Just plain bored?


These are just a few of the reasons to start taking communication seriously. If no one communicates, it makes it harder for people to take full advantage of the game. And the fewer people that DO communicate, the harder it is for people to get in the mood to communicate. Someone needs to be the icebreaker, and it should be everyone's responsibility to be that person.


To end this post, I'll put up a few suggestions and tips that might help facilitate communication on your server:


1. Chat. Chat chat chat chat chat chat chat chat chat chat chat. Honestly, it doesn't really matter about what. Do try to be polite and if appropriate, on game topics, and try to avoid things like politics and religion (there are perfectly valid reasons and places/times to talk about those subjects, but an anonymous game chat isn't one of them). Keep it casual. Have fun with whatever it is you want to talk about.


1a. Don't worry if you're new to MMOs. Most players are good people. If you need help, ask for it. You may get a smart-*** answer at first, but if you keep it polite, someone will usually help you.


1b. Help people that ask for it. It'll take you 5 seconds. They'll adore you for it. You can earn hordes of minions this way. Win-win.


2. Try not to get offended. Hard for a lot of people, I know. But will what some person you don't know that says something you don't like in a video game's chat screen really effect your life? The answer is likely, "No."


2a. Don't feed the trolls. They like it when you get offended. They feed on it like succulent meat. /ignore them (or, if you feel more practiced, turn-about is fair play... but that is only for the more experienced socialite).


2b. Use the /ignore feature. If someone really is bothering you, /ignore them and move on.


3. Don't get into a shouting match with someone. You're not going to change anyone's mind in this setting. Learn to let someone else have the last word, even if you disagree with every fiber of your being. Don't get into the trap of thinking it's "Letting them win." They're probably a troll. If they get you to think that, they've already won.


4. /friend your friends. Simple.


4a. /ignore your not-friends. Simple.


5. Try to use correct spelling/grammar. I'm not saying you have to be perfect or never use acronyms or anything like that. But people do, in my experience, respond better if you make the effort.


6. Learn to adjust your chat tabs. Right click on the tabs to open the options. Learn to switch between tabs for various things. And don't think you need to constantly watch the chat window for game info. There honestly isn't a lot of critical, non-social information that goes on there.


7. Remember that it's just a game. Have fun. That's an order.

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