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Defense PvP Build Comments


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Hey everyone,

Just hit 50 on my guardian, slightly under geared but thats not the point. Just looking for suggestions or comments on my build. I was really looking to have a minimum of 24 in the defense tree, however I was wondering about going to 31+ for guardian strike, would it be worth it or should I stay with the vigilance for Unremitting and Effluence? I would like to be as unsquishy as possible with OK DPS.


Current Build:



Thanks for comments or suggestions in advance.

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People will each have their own ideas based on

Fact 1: They are the best player

Fact 2: Therefore they have the best spec

-> which leads them to believe their spec is obviously the best.


So - take anything with a grain of salt as far as people saying what is the best and whatnot.


Vig/Def hybrid builds are viable in varying minor modifications.

31+ Def builds are viable in varying minor modifications.


People constantly argue about which one has better mitigation, no one can prove anything since we have no combat logs so pretty much those conversations become "I think this is right and that is wrong".


Really what you need to do is pick a build that works for your playstyle, use it for a while, then re-assess your skills and see if there are changes you could make to be more optimal now that you have some experience.

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