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tech abilities


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what your looking for is kinectic damage. Kinectic is tech damage based moves everything else is just range physical (thats what i call it)


Range attacks are to my knowledge energy. Tech can be all four kinds. Though for troopers kinetic is most common. (Also a few elemental mainly used by vanguards, not sure if we get any internal)


I believe is the list is.



Full Auto

Hi-impact bolt

Charged bolts (commando only)

Hail of bolts (commando only)


Good way to check is does the Bounty hunter uses his gun for the attack. If it's from his armor or a missile then its tech. (the exception is his hi-impact mirror rail shot)

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So many misconceptions and false information around these forums.



The easiest way to tell is what the first responder posted: When you use an ability on an enemy, if it shows up in yellow text it's a tech (or force) based attack, and as such is not subject to melee/ranged defense chance.


Another way to tell is by tooltip - if the ability says "Deals x-y weapon damage" it's a weapon-based attack (and therefor is subject to ranged/melee defenses and does not gain bonus from tech power or force power). If the ability says "Deals x-y kinetic/energy/internal/elemental damage", it's a tech or force ability and is not subject to ranged or melee defenses.



The main difference between the two is that tech and force powers are not subject to defense chance - that meanst hey cannot be dodged or deflected, while ranged and melee weapon attacks can be.


The type of damage dealt indicates whether or not the ability is effected by armor - weapon damage, kinetic damage, and energy damage are all reduced by armor rating, while internal and elemental damage are not.


There are some abilities that use both rules, however. Cull for snipers, for example, does X-Y weapon damage per second for 3 seconds (channeled), and does an additional X-Y internal damage per second for each poison effect on the target. The internal damage dealt by cull is seperate from the weapon damage, so even if the weapon shots are deflected or dodged, the internal damage dealt by the ability cannot be avoided.

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