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Khem Val armor


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OP, go to Balmorra´s cantina there is a vendor that sells outfit customization for Khem that has armor. Bring some cash with you cause it will cost 12k per.


Alternately if you have access to the lounge on fleet you can get a cheaper version there i think for 2k but there is not as many options.

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The armor you equip on Khem Val never "shows" as it does with player and other companion classes.


The unfortunate reason for this was laziness/insufficient time/unknown reason on the part of bioware to modify every armor in the game to suit his bulky and large character profile which is very different from the 4 body types every humanoid shares.


The only way for him to graphically show armor is to equip a customization piece of gear on him.


Here is a URL that links to the swtor wikia that displays the location of every customization vendor, whether they are available to you (Security key required for some), and which customization's they have.


I have noticed that sometime the number of customization that are listed are incorrect, but generally the information is solid.


Remember that you can preview the custom look by CTRL+LEFT CLICK the customization, this will bring up a frame with your character in it, then use the arrow buttons around your name to scroll to the appropriate companion and again CTRL+LEFT CLICK to display the customization. A little round about but that is life!



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I love how dumb some posters are and leave a pointless comment like the one above.


I love how you can define someone dumb for no reason; he asked where to get khem val armor, I remember it was a customization, god forgive me I can't remember where to buy it, just tried to help with my "pointless comment as dumb poster".



Learn 2 be polite, we never shared a cup of tea

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And answer to the actual question (as it is written).


Open character sheet (C default), select companion tab in bottom (make sure Khem Val is with you), equip the armor you want.


It won't show on him, which you might consider very nice, as other companions look more or less ridiculous with their mix&match armors.

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