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Low-Level PvP Sets


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Hello Players, Mods, and, hopefully, Developers,


I really liked SWTOR's story element the first time I went through it. I still enjoy the unique class quests on my alts, but once I did the planet quests once I really have no reason to do them again.


Because of this, I have been leveling my alts entirely through PvP. I really like having options for a full blue/orange set of gear from PvP at 20 and 40, but this also means I sit there with the same gear on for 20 levels.


Could we maybe get PvP sets at every 10 levels? I don't care if the low level stuff doesn't have Expertise, but it'd be nice to be able to gear up entirely through PvP.


With cross realm Warzones, I feel I'll be able to level quite quickly with instant queues, and now I just need the gear to compensate for not doing PvE.

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