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Problem with ToR/ZoneAlarm after each patch


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I'm using ZoneAlarm as firewall. This program asks me for approval each time a new program wants to connect to the internet.


Each time ToR is patched, it is considered as a new program and the question is asked again.

The problem is, that ZoneAlarms dialog box appears (or TRY to appear) during the loading-screen, while waiting for the music to start playing.


Other programs/and games either let Zonealarm be on top, for easy access, or allow multitasking to reach it. But ToR don't let me do this. I can see that zonealarm has a dialog box open in the backgrund, since the cursor changes when hoovering where the box is, but the ToR loadingscreen is in the way, and I can't click it, neither multitask.


So each patch, I have to start ToR, and when getting to the loading screen do a cold reboot of the computer, then manually enter zonealarm to let the new ToR client reach internet (this option appears first after that ToR have tried to reach internet).


SO, my request is that you allow multitasking during the loading of the game, so I can let ToR access internet without rebooting after each new patch.


Possibly that other firewalls don't creates this problem, but ToR is the only game I have that isn't compatible with zonealarm/multitask. So I believe the error is in ToR and not Zonealarm.

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Do you use Win7?


I have precisely the same situation as you. However, at the point where you reboot, I just hit ctrl+alt+del, bring up Task manager, which forces me to desktop, and I can happily click the Allow button. Then I can click back to TOR, and it's working fine. :)


Don't know if that helps or not, but I'm sorry that you have to reboot each time. Quite a hassle.

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No, I use XP, and ctrl+alt+delete don't seem to work either in this case.

But sometimes I manage to "overload" by clicking a lot, thus bringing up multiple zonealarm-browser-windows in the background, and thus manage to alt-tab.

Either way, it's a annoying hassle.

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